The entry form for the P-Trophy can be found below.

Entry for the 2019 P-Trophy is now closed but you can still submit your project! You would then be competing for the 2020 P-Trophy.

Once your registration has been received, you will get a confirmation by email.

Should you not get an email within 7 days following registration, please send us an email. Only fully-completed forms will be processed. If part is incomplete or unclear to the organisation, we will contact the project contact person.


Healthcare institution running the project
Project team members
The project you submit must be multi-disciplinary supported. Please indicate below the doctor, pharmacist or nurse who is co-sponsor on this project. You should enter at least two names, and two different disciplines.
Give project member 1’s role in the project.
Give project member 2’s role in the project.
Give project member 3’s role in the project.
Give project member 4’s role in the project.
You can describe the project you are nominating here. Please show how this project is improving care for cancer patients, or improves quality of life for cancer patients. Also indicate whether the project could run at other healthcare institutions. Additional information can be emailed to oncologie-nl@servier.com.
The project you nominate must have demonstrably positive outcomes. Please explain the positive outcomes from the project.
What are the beneficial and adverse consequences of this project for the healthcare professional having to run it?
What are the beneficial and adverse consequences of this project for the healthcare institution where the project is running?
When did this project run at your healthcare institution?
How will you spend the unrestricted grant should you win it?
Category *
Select 1 or more categories.
Is there any information about your project you have not been able to explain in the above questions, but which is important for assessing it?
Agreement *
This project is nominated with the agreement of the authorised representatives of the institution. The institution has understood and agrees to the Terms and Conditions, and the Regulations (see link below).

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