Put the patient first, share your project and compete for the P-Trophy!

Many hospitals and healthcare professionals in the Netherlands develop projects leading to better care for cancer patients, improving quality of life for these people. Unfortunately, these projects are often only implemented at the hospital where the initiative was developed. Which is a shame, as it would be great if all cancer patients in the Netherlands could enjoy the benefits of such projects.



By awarding an annual P-Trophy, we want to encourage hospitals and healthcare professionals to share their initiatives for improving care and quality of life for cancer patients, in this online Collaborative Project Hub. This represents a focal point for all these projects, so that other hospitals can read about them, and implement them.
This means as many cancer patients as possible can benefit from the positive effects of these projects.


Is there a project running at your hospital, which is improving care and quality of life for cancer patients? Has that project already been implemented at your hospital or healthcare institution, with demonstrably good results?

Then put it forward to compete for the P-Trophy!

Entry for the 2019 P-Trophy is now closed but you can still submit your project! You would then be competing for the 2020 P-Trophy.

You could take the next steps in your project using the award up to 7,500 euros or make your healthcare institution or department more patient-oriented in some other way.

But above all, you are sharing your project so that it is seen by other healthcare institutions and, hopefully, also used to improve quality of life and care for all cancer patients in the Netherlands.