Book ‘Borst vooruit’ (Chest out)


Proposer: Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Dordrecht
Implementation: July 2018

Project description

At the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, breast cancer patients are given the “Borst vooruit” book. It includes the experiences of 64 women with breast cancer. Their experiences and advice can support women who have recently been diagnosed. The book is an initiative of the breast cancer unit at the Erasmus University Medical Center, and proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

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Patients indicate that it helps with the coming to terms process, and it leads to recognition and acceptance in certain situations.

Impact on the healthcare professional

It takes time and effort finding sponsors for this project.

Impact on the healthcare institution

In providing this extra service to patients, the healthcare institution is confirming its patient vision.


Albert Schweitzer Hospital
Albert Schweitzerplaats 25
3300 AK Dordrecht

Project contact person:
Chandra Ramlal (breast care nurse)

Other project team members:
Dr. Menke (breast surgeon)