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Fonkel’s bike programme

Patients are more susceptible to fatigue during chemotherapy. Being in good condition helps improve recovery. Oncology patients at Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel can use an electric bike during their treatment. Patient eligibility is assessed on the basis of inclusion criteria. The bike is loaned to them by the Friends of the Hospital Foundation, and the project is managed by Gejo Cycleworld in Tiel. There are 15 bicycles in use. The bike is collected from the patient a week after the final chemotherapy. The service is free to the patient, they are only asked for a deposit.

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‘Logical? Oncological!’ board game

This game was devised by an oncology nurse from the ETZ Twee Steden Hospital, in collaboration with her oncology nurse colleagues and physician associates (PA) from the gastro-intestinal surgery department. The patient benefits indirectly from the game, as it improves nurses’ expertise.

This game helps to improve nurses’ expertise in the field of stomach, (rectal) bowel and oesophageal cancer, in an interactive way. The tricky questions in the game challenge players to reason clinically in order to link their observations to medical expertise. Playing the game together increases nurses’ knowledge in a fun way. The care path relating to the gastrointestinal cancer surgery patient is incorporated into the game. This game is intended to keep everyone talking to one another.

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Book ‘Borst vooruit’ (Chest out)

At the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, breast cancer patients are given the “Borst vooruit” book. It includes the experiences of 64 women with breast cancer. Their experiences and advice can support women who have recently been diagnosed. The book is an initiative of the breast cancer unit at the Erasmus University Medical Center, and proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

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Heart cushion

Breast cancer patients who have to undergo surgery at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital are given a free handmade heart-shaped cushion by breast care nurses. This heart cushion can be carried under the arm, and cushions the sensitive area operated on (breasts and armpit glands). The pillow’s shape and soft material ensure a comfortable position and relieve pain. Swelling, pressure or tension in the shoulder are relieved when carrying the pillow. During long car journeys, the cushion can be placed beneath the seat belt to protect the area operated on.

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