Cooking project for cancer patients


Proposer: Rivierenland Hospital, Tiel
Implementation: end of 2017

Project description

Patients undergoing chemotherapy often have to cope with loss of, changes in, or reduction in their sense of taste and often lose their appetite, whereas good food is essential.

The Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel is organising workshops for cancer patients. Here, they get advice from a culinary specialist on how to give flavour to their food once again. There is an opportunity to taste food during the workshop. The meetings are arranged once or twice a month, in collaboration with chef Eric Jan Wissink and students from the RSG Linge College in Tiel. It’s free to take part, and each workshop can host around 5 people.


Patients appreciate that attention is being paid to issues surrounding sense of taste. Unfortunately, not all patients benefit from taste guidance. Patients who did benefit found it most pleasant. They are enjoying their food more, and often eat more, as well as more varied, food.

Patients can ask the dietician for further advice.

Impact on the healthcare professional

The project is easy to access, and results can be achieved quickly. Which pleases the healthcare professional.

It is possible for patients to ask the dietician for further advice.

Impact on the healthcare institution.

As the workshops for this project are held at a school, the healthcare institution does not have to provide any space.

This project is having a very positive impact on how the hospital is used and perceived by patients and their loved ones.


Project contact person:
Claudia Baardman (cancer day clinic secretary)

Other project team members:
Karin van Galen (dietician)
Niek Golsteijn (nurse)