Fonkel’s bike programme


Proposer: Rivierenland Hospital, Tiel
Implementation: 2017

Project description

Patients are more susceptible to fatigue during chemotherapy. Being in good condition helps improve recovery. Oncology patients at Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel can use an electric bike during their treatment. Patient eligibility is assessed on the basis of inclusion criteria. The bike is loaned to them by the Friends of the Hospital Foundation, and the project is managed by Gejo Cycleworld in Tiel. There are 15 bicycles in use. The bike is collected from the patient a week after the final chemotherapy. The service is free to the patient, they are only asked for a deposit.

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Patients stay more mobile through using the bicycle, and are in better condition. They also get outside more often. This helps recovery. Patients consider it a great service.

Impact on the healthcare professional

The healthcare professional is pleased that they can offer the service and see patients in a good state of fitness.

Impact on the healthcare institution

The Friends of Rivierenland Hospital Foundation carries the cost of this project. This project is having a very positive impact on how the hospital is used and perceived by patients and their loved ones.


Project contact person:
Wilma van Blokland (secretary)

Other project team members:
Petra van Merkesteijn (nurse)
Dr Kruijtzer (oncologist)
Ina van Zuidam (nurse)