‘Logical? Oncological!’ board game


Proposer: ETZ TweeSteden
Implementation: September 2018

Project description

This game was devised by an oncology nurse from the ETZ Twee Steden Hospital, in collaboration with her oncology nurse colleagues and physician associates (PA) from the gastro-intestinal surgery department. The patient benefits indirectly from the game, as it improves nurses’ expertise.

This game helps to improve nurses’ expertise in the field of stomach, (rectal) bowel and oesophageal cancer, in an interactive way. The tricky questions in the game challenge players to reason clinically in order to link their observations to medical expertise. Playing the game together increases nurses’ knowledge in a fun way. The care path relating to the gastrointestinal cancer surgery patient is incorporated into the game. This game is intended to keep everyone talking to one another.

You can obtain the board game and rules from: a.frijters@etz.nl


Colleagues are enthusiastic about the game. They find it a fun way to learn from and with each other. This game improves expertise, helps the nurse with clinical reasoning and enhances the nurse's knowledge in a fun way. This allows them to help patients better.

Impact on the healthcare professional

There is much development in healthcare and within the nursing profession, due in part to the new 2020 nursing job descriptions. These new job descriptions have been incorporated into CanMEDS roles. These roles are woven into the questions in the game. The game does take time to play, and a separate room is required.

Impact on the healthcare institution

Informed staff make expert staff.


ETZ TweeSteden
GI surgery department
Doctor Deelenlaan 5
5042 AD Tilburg

Project contact person:
Annette Schellekens (oncology nurse)

Other project team members:
M. van den Bogaard (physician associate)