Recipe book and cookery workshop for oesophageal cancer patients


Proposer: Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (Twente Hospitals Federation)
Implementation: recipe book: January, 2017, workshop: January, 2018

Project description

Everyday activities such as eating and swallowing are very difficult for patients with oesophageal cancer. The therapy they get can also lead them to lose, change or reduce their sense of taste. Oesophageal cancer patients shared tips with each other as part of a cancer rehabilitation programme, helping them keep in shape, make swallowing easier, prevent weight loss, and combat nausea. These tips had proven themselves in practical, everyday life but appeared not to be written down anywhere.

So, the Upper GI service at Ziekenhuisgroep Twente in Almelo published a recipe book for patients with oesophageal cancer. The recipe book includes recipes, stories and tips for and by patients following treatment for oesophageal cancer. Various professionals also talk about the diagnosis and treatment of this form of cancer.

Following on from the book, patient workshops have also been devised. For this, recipes from the book were prepared under the guidance of a chef and a dietician. The doctors involved took part in the workshop, so that patients could not only talk to one other, but also to the doctors in an informal setting.

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Patients are given the book prior to surgery. This lets them see in advance that eating food can also become something to enjoy or look forward to. This helps them recover from the treatment. Patients said they benefited greatly from both the book and the workshop.

Impact on the healthcare professional

The book and the workshop gave the healthcare professional a better understanding of oesophageal cancer patients’ perspectives. They encountered positive experiences when interacting with their patients regarding the book and workshop.

Impact on healthcare institution

This project is having a very positive impact on how the hospital is used and perceived by patients and their loved ones. It also contributes to improving access to healthcare professionals for patients.


Ziekenhuisgroep Twente
Oncologisch Centrum ZGT
Zilvermeeuw 1, Postbus 7600

Project contact person:
Ingrid Pasman (oncology nurse)

Other project team members:
Ewout Kouwenhoven (cancer surgeon)
Ronald Hoekstra (oncologist)
Anton Vrij (GI and hepatology consultant)
Corine van Dijk (dietician)